Facing Climate Change by Securing Water for Food, Livelihoods and Ecosystems (2007)

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Future changes in water availability due to climate change (CC) are of paramount importance for food security of millions of rural people worldwide. Many recent extremes of water shortage followed by devastating floods reflect some of the climate change predictions, which are gradually becoming more certain and alarming. Appropriate measures in agricultural water management can greatly reduce poor people's vulnerability to CC by reducing water related risks and creating buffers against often unforeseen changes in precipitation and water availability. An appropriate water research agenda is essential to improve our knowledge of the linkages between water, food and CC and guide the right investments aimed at improving resilience of farming communities and food security. This agenda includes understanding the adaptation and mitigation roles of agricultural practices and water resources management options, characterization of climate change impacts at different acales, and evaluation of water implications of direct climate change mitigation interventions. This agenda will result in strategies that contribute to reduced risk and enhanced resilience of agricultural systems. Building on its research capital in the water, food and livlihood nexus, IWMI is in a good position to help formulate and implement this agenda.
Year: 2007
Language: English
In: Journal of Semi-arid Tropical Agricultural Research, 4 (1):

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