Characteristics of Isotope in Precipitation, River Water and Lake Water in the Manasarovar Basin of Qinghai–Tibet Plateau (2009)

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The stable hydrogen and oxygen of lake, river, rain and snow waters were investigated to understand the water cycle characteristics of the drainage basin of Manasarovar Lake in Tibet. Both δD and δ 18O of river water are larger than those of lake water and the effect of altitude on both δD and δ 18O is not very significant. This phenomenon was suggested to occur because Manasarovar basin is located in Qinghai–Tibet Plateau which has low latitude, high altitude, abundant glaciers, thin air and intensive solar radiation, resulting in higher evaporation in lake water.
Year: 2009
Language: English
In: Environmental Geology, 57 (3): 551-556 p.

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