Knowledge, Parks and Cultures. Transcultural Exchange of Knowledge in Protected Areas : Case studies from Austria and Nepal (2013)

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With that, the exchange of knowledge around the topic of how to manage a protected area gained importance. Not only the communication of knowledge itself is crucial, but also the international and therefor very divers cultural backgrounds influence the process intense.

The research project, investigated which knowledge is relevant for the management of protected areas regardless of the respective cultural context. Furthermore, it identified the most appropriate ways of knowledge exchange between different cultures.

Hohe Tauern, Donau-Auen National Parks in Austria, Chitwan National Park and the Annapurna Conservation Area in Nepal have been selected as case study sites. A detailed analysis of the four parks provided a glimpse into the similarities and differences of the management approaches in Austria and Nepal.

Language: English
Pages: 232
Note: donated by Sunati Chaudhary, ICIMOD staff
Klagenfurt, Austria: Heyn, Johannes, 2013. - 232

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