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000028435 100__ $$aPant, K. P.
000028435 245__ $$aRole of Payment for Environmental Services in Improving Livelihoods and Promoting Green Economy: Empirical Evidence from a Himalayan Watershed in Nepal
000028435 260__ $$c2013
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000028435 507__ $$aGolam Rasul, ICIMOD staff
000028435 520__ $$aAlthough mountains are rich in natural resources and provide vital ecosystem services to the global community, mountain people are marginalised. As the ecosystem services they provide are mostly free of charge, they have no incentive to invest in the conservation. We examine the feasibility of improving their livelihoods through the sale of water services to downstream communities. Using hydro-meteorological data, we assessed the effects of forest conservation on water yield and estimated the value of water services to downstream communities. Results show that if a system of payment for ecosystem services is established, mountain communities can improve their livelihoods by converting their farmland into conservation areas. However, it will take 15 years to increase the water yield, which means that external assistance is required in early years. Policy measures are suggested to establish a market for ecosystem services to encourage upstream communities to take conservation measures.
000028435 653__ $$aForest Conservation
000028435 653__ $$aPayments for Ecosystem Services
000028435 653__ $$aWater Supply
000028435 653__ $$aLivelihood Improvement
000028435 653__ $$aGreen Economy
000028435 700__ $$aRasul, G.
000028435 773__ $$pJournal of Environmental Professionals Sri Lanka
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