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000028072 100__ $$aPrabhakar, S. V. R. K.
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000028072 245__ $$aClimate Change Adaptation Implications for Drought Risk mitigation: A Perspective for India
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000028072 520__ $$aThere is growing evidence that the climate change do has implications for drought vulnerable India with studies projecting future possible reductions in monsoon related rainfall in the country. The existing drought risk mitigation and response mechanisms were looked into and gaps were identified by drawing lessons from previous disasters and response mechanisms. In absence of reliable climate predictions at the scales that make them useful for policy level planning, the emphasis was on identifying no-regret adaptation options those would reduce current vulnerabilities while mainstreaming the adaptation in the long run. The most notable climate change implications for the drought vulnerable India are the enhanced preparedness with due emphasis to the community based preparedness planning, reviewing the existing monsoon and drought prediction methodologies, and establishing drought monitoring and early warning systems in association with a matching preparedness at the input level.
000028072 773__ $$pSAARC Workshop Climate Change and Disasters: Emerging Trends and Future Strategies, 21-22 August 2008 Kathmandu, Nepal
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