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000027801 100__ $$aLiu, G.
000027801 245__ $$aHydrometeorological Characteristics of the Tibet Plateau
000027801 260__ $$c1989
000027801 511__ $$aKoshi, Conference Paper
000027801 520__ $$aOn the basis of the climate and physiography of the Tibet Plateau,the characteristics of water vapor transport,precipitation,runoff and evaporation,including time-space distributions and variations and thier combined effects,are explained.Then,a three-dimensional physical model of the water cycle of the Tibet Plateau is developed.The model shows the dist-inctiveness of the hydrological characteristics of the Tibet Plateau from those of other regions.
000027801 773__ $$pAtmospheric Deposition. Proceedings of a Symposium held during the Third Scientific Assembly of the International Association of Hydrological Sciences at Baltimore, Maryland May 1989. IAHS Publication(179)
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