Caring for Our Transboundary Landscape : Illustrations from the Kailash Sacred Landscape (2012)

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Rural mountain communities are highly vulnerable to the changes occurring in their landscape due to climatic and other factors (including demographic changes and migration). If they understand the complexities of their respective ecosystems, they can better value, utilize, and conserve the environment while benefitting from it. ICIMOD has therefore created this collection of simple drawings to raise the awareness of rural mountain people and help them better understand the various changes and opportunities in their landscape. The first part looks at the changes and challenges in the landscape, such as impacts of climate change and unsustainable practices. The second part introduces solutions for better management and use of natural resources and introduces the concept and importance of collaborating across borders in natural resource management and conservation. The publication was created within the Kailash Sacred Landscape Conservation Initiative (KSLCI) and is intended in particular for communities living within the Kailash Sacred Landscape. However, its messages will be of use to mountain communities in a much wider context. The intended beneficiaries include community organizations, schools (teachers and students), local healers, local leaders, and other community-based organizations.

ISBN: 978 92 9115 250 6
Language: English
Pages: 56


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