International Conference Bhutan+10
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Caption: International Conference Bhutan+10
Photo by: Nabin Baral
Date: 14-19 October 2012
Place: Thimpu, Bhutan
Copyright: Photographer/ICIMOD
Description: Bhutan+10 brought together more than 200 energetic and enthusiastic participants from nearly 30 mountain countries from around the globe. One decade after the ‘Celebrating Mountain Women’ conference in 2002, they reflected on gains, best practices, innovations, and challenges. The words I’ve heard uttered in the plenary sessions and in the hallways, are ‘game changer’, ‘business as unusual’, ‘thinking out of the box’. What many of the mountain women and men are saying is that gender ‘mainstreaming’, on its own, has not been effective in delivering the gender positive change that is required for an equitable, inclusive, and happy society.
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