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000027407 245__ $$a"What can i do ? On climate change, time to think globally and act individually before it is too late."
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000027407 520__ $$aMany of us feel helpless when we hear about climate change. The problem is so vast, so global in scale that we tell ourselves: "Nothing I do will make a difference, so why even try?"Nations also say the same thing. Small countries are having to suffer for the sins of others. They face a disproportionate share of the punishment for the big, rich and powerful nations burning all that fossil fuel. And they say, let the rich countries do something to curb emissions, it's not our problem. They say: "No matter what we do, the seas will keep rising, the glaciers will keep melting."I used to think the same way until I participated in the Imja Action Run, the 35km marathon on 18 July. Imja is the glacier below … 
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