Contribution of Livestock to Mountain Livelihoods: Research and Development Issues (2000)

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This book is a summary of the proceedings of the International Symposium on "Livestock in Mountain/Highland Production Systems: Research and Development Challenges into the Next Millennium", which took place from 7-10 December 1999, in Pokhara, Nepal. The symposium was jointly sponsored by the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), the Systemwide Livestock Programme of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) convened by the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), and the Centro Internacional de la Papa (International Potato Center, CIP). The aim was to address the critical issues facing research and development of livestock in mixed farming systems in mountain and highland regions in Africa, the Andes, and the Hindu Kush-Himalayas and to provide a direction for future activities. The meeting highlighted the main current and future trends and constraints to livestock production systems in mountain and highland environments. It successfully established an inter-regional framework for testing and sharing of appropriate options and experiences, and prepared a joint manifesto -- the "Pokhara Call for Action" -- as an expression of the commitment of the participants to work towards common objectives. The book contains contributions from the eighteen presenters of papers on livestock and livestock-related issues, a summary of the results of the electronic conference that preceded the symposium, and a summary of the action plans prepared by the working groups. It is divided into four sections. Part I is an introduction and summary with a brief account of the symposium, Part II contains papers related to the role of livestock in mountain livelihoods, Part III describes the results of three separate regional studies sponsored by FAO -- in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas, East African Highlands, and the Andean region -- on livestock production systems in high pressure mountain/highland areas, and Part IV is concerned with livelihoods and sustainability issues in mountain livestock farming systems.

ISBN: 92-9115-264-1
Language: English
Table of Contents:
  1. Front Matter
  2. Part 1: Introduction
  3. 1. Livestock in the Mountains and Highlands of Asia, Africa and South America: An Overview of Research and Development Issues and Challenges
  4. Part 2: Livestock in Mountain livelihoods
  5. 2. The Sustainable Development of Mountain Regions: A Paradigm Shift and New Considerations
  6. 3. Livestock in Mountain/Highland Production Systems: Challenges and Opportunities
  7. 4. Markets and Livestock in the Coming Decades: Implications for Smallholder Highland Producers
  8. 5. Livestock Biodiversity in the Mountains/Highlands - Opportunities and Threats
  9. 6. Technologies & Institutional Changes Affecting Mixed Crop-Livestock Production Systems in the Andes
  10. 7. Challenges and Opportunities for Livestock Development in the Highlands of Ethiopia
  11. 8. Highland Livestock Production Systems - Is there a need for Specialised Livestock product Processing and Marketing?
  12. 9. Research and Development Challenges in Livestock Production Systems: A Report of the E-Conference
  13. Part 3: Livestock in High-Pressure Mountain Regions
  14. 10. Livestock Production and Management Strategies in the Mixed Farming Areas of the Hindu Kush-Himalayas, Asia
  15. 11. Livestock Production in Areas of High pressure Crop-Livestock Farming Systems in the East African Highlands
  16. 12. Systems of Milk Production in the Andean Region of Colombia: A Comparative Study
  17. Part 4: Livelihoods of Sustainability
  18. 13. Livestock Based Livelihoods in Tibet, China, and Sustainability Concerns
  19. 14. Sustainability Conerns of Livestock-Based Livelihoods in the Andes
  20. 15. Animal Agriculture and Watershed Management: Reconciling Public and Private Good
  21. 16. Draught Animal Power in Mountain Highland Agriculture: Issues and Options
  22. 17. Livestock as a Household Energy Source in the Mountains: Traditional Practices and New Opportunities
  23. 18. Smallholder Livestock Farming and Milk Cooperatives in Himachal pradesh in the Indian Himalayas
  24. 19. Gender Roles in Livestock Management: Experiences and Lessons from Projects in the African Highlands
  25. 20. Importance of Alpacas and Llamas in the Changing Context of Development Research
  26. Annexes
  27. About the editors
  28. About the Contributors
  29. Back Cover


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