Solar Greenhouses for the Trans-Himalayas: A Construction Manual (2004)

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The Renewable Energy and Environment Group GERES, supported by its partners, has developed a solar greenhouse specifically designed for vegetable production in winter in the high altitude areas of the trans-Himalayas, where night temperatures can fall to as low as -20DC or more. The greenhouse was tested by NGOs working with farmers in five different trans-Himalayan areas and practical improvements made that ensure that the design is appropriate for the resources available in these high mountain areas. The results of this work are encapsulated in this manual. The theory of solar greenhouses in general, and of this design in particular, are described together with the requirements and constraints for construction. The manual provides blueprints for greenhouses for different types of site and climate, together with a detailed description of the different steps involved in the construction process. Using this manual, it will be possible for NGOs and other technical organisations to support farmers in choosing, designing, and constructing an appropriate greenhouse for their particular circumstances. The increased access to winter vegetables and exotic summer produce can improve the quality of life and income generation opportunities of small farmers in some of the most marginalised areas of the Hindu Kush-Himalayas.


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