Celebrating Mountain Women: A Report on a Global Gathering in Bhutan (2003)

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Women all over the world must still fight to be accepted as equals, to have their values recognised as relevant, and to overcome the multiple burdens of home and employment. Mountain women are further challenged, they belong to societies that are already marginalised and often cut off from the mainstream of society. In 2002, the International Year of Mountains, mountain women and men met together at a global gathering Celebrating Mountain Women (CMW), held in Bhutan, to celebrate the drive and spirit of mountain women, discuss the critical issues, and search for new ways forward. This publication summarises the background, discussions, findings, and outcomes of CMW. It is divided into three chapters followed by a bibliography. The first and last chapters describe the background and organisation, and the various materials produced and the way forward. The central chapter looks at the issues, research and policy needs, and recommended actions identified during the discussions on the five major themes: natural resources and the environment; health and well-being; entrepreneurship; legal, political, and human rights; and culture and indigenous knowledge.
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ISBN: 92-9115-720-1
Language: English


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