Revisiting Mountain Perspective: Reasons And Challenges (?) (2012)

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The purpose of this detailed note is to clarify a number of issues relating to conceptualization/development and advocacy for adoption of Mountain Perspective Framework (MP) by ICIMOD and its collaborating partners, particularly its member countries from the Hindu-Kush Himalaya (HKH) region. The current E-discussion on the subject was instigated by Dr. Sudhiredar Sharma (in CLIMATE HIMALAYA, 26 Jan.2012), who questioned the existing formulation of MP and calls for its revision and rewriting to make it relevant and flawless. I responded to his assessment (in CLIMATE HIMALAYA, 21 Feb. 2012) and also indicated the on- going changes in mountain specificities effecting changes in MP Framework. I also very specifically indicated that Sharma’s assessment of MP is highly skewed/partial and imbalanced and reflects his significant ignorance (or unfamiliarity/non-reading) of all the work pleaded or conducted under MP Framework, despite his close links with discourse on Himalayan region.
Year: 2012
Language: English
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