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000020524 100__ $$aKoul, D. N.
000020524 245__ $$aTraditional water management systems : An overview of Ahar-pyne system in South Bihar plains of India and need for its revival
000020524 260__ $$c2012
000020524 300__ $$a266-272
000020524 520__ $$aThe traditional water harvesting system that existed decades ago in various Indian states is as relevant today as it was then and perhaps even more. Present day India is no stranger to nature’s fury like floods, drought, famine and hurricanes, and it would be well to learn from the old but true wisdom of traditional customs of water harvesting. There is also need to provide qualitative and quantitative irrigation to various agriculture fields to enhance the production of food grains and improve the livelihood of people in India. Ahar-pyne system is an indigenous irrigation technology of South Bihar which continues to irrigate substantial areas even today. In the present study, it has been tried to review the present status looking into the Institutional and Management issues, assess the reasons for its decline and explore the possibility of revival of the system in India in convergence with the various Government programmes, funding agencies and the local community.
000020524 650__ $$aTraditional knowledge
000020524 653__ $$aTraditional water management
000020524 653__ $$aAhar-pyne system
000020524 653__ $$aSouth Bihar plain
000020524 700__ $$aSingh, S.
000020524 700__ $$aNeelam, G.
000020524 700__ $$aShukla, G.
000020524 773__ $$pIndian Journal of Traditional Knowledge
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