Strengthening Rural Livelihoods: The Impact of Information and Communication Technologies in Asia (2011)

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The book presents an overview of six research projects within the Knowledge Networking for Rural Development in Asia Pacific (ENRAP) research program. It asks if ICTs enabled farmers to sell beyond local markets and at better prices, and whether there have been social gains in linking geographically disparate households and social networks. Using a control trial approach in four out of the six project case studies, and critically assessing the pros and cons of this methodology including the ethical implications, the authors have provided significant new insights into how to overcome the challenges of mainstreaming ICTs into rural livelihoods and more effectively measuring its effects. This book will appeal to academics, civil society organizations, practitioners and students who are interested in what works and what doesn’t work when applying ICTs to rural livelihoods.
ISBN: 9781853397226
Language: English
Pages: 169
Practical Action, 2011. - 169

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