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000017230 100__ $$aMetz, B.
000017230 245__ $$aControlling climate change
000017230 260__ $$c2010
000017230 260__ $$bCambridge University Press
000017230 260__ $$aNew York
000017230 520__ $$aThis book provides an unbiased and comprehensive discussion of what can be done to solve the problem of man-made climate change. It gives an in-depth overview of issues, useful for both students and professionals, while using a minimum of technical jargon, and is accessible to non-specialised readers as well as those involved in climate change policy. This accompanying website provides the opportunity for free access to chapters as well as the book as a whole. It will also allow updating of materials and additional comments on and links to climate policy developments, helping readers understand the debate.
000017230 650__ $$aClimate change
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