Poverty Assessment, Poverty Reduction, and Sustainable Livelihoods: How Poverty Mapping, Institutional Analysis, and Participatory Governance Can Make a Difference (2000)

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Poverty is endemic and persistent in South Asia, and continues to adversely affect the human potentials of millions of deprived people every year. Poverty alleviation has found its place time and again as the goal of national plans and policies throughout the region with very little results on the ground. Poor economic opportunities and neglect of institutional strengths, systematic social deprivation, and lack of transparent and participatory governance combine to reinforce poverty and social exclusion. Public policy and action to reduce such hindrances are needed to understand and eliminate poverty, and nothing short of this will produce the desired results, irrespective of the investments and declarations by stakeholders.
ICIMOD Issues in Mountain Development

ISBN: 1027-0027
Language: English
Pages: 6


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