Bioterracing & Soil Conservation: Experience with Contour Hedgerow Planting in Parts of the Hindu Kush- Himalayan Region (1998)

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In the Hindu Kush- Himalayan region, agriculture is the main occupation of about 80% of the population. Due to limited arable land and increasing population growth, farming encroachment on ecologically fragile and marginal mountain lands will continue. Unless sustainable farming alternatives that conserve soil are sought, developed, and implemented, land degradation and the impoverished living conditions of resource - poor upland farmers are bound to worsen with time. Hence, it is urgent to seek new options for farming sloping lands that can enhance crop yields and conserve soils fertility of bench terraces. Work carried out by ICIMOD in parts of the Hindu Kush - Himalayan region shows that Contour Hedgerow Technology might be one answer to these problems.

ISBN: 1027-0027
Language: English
Pages: 4


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