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000015941 100__ $$aMurthy, M. S. R.
000015941 245__ $$aGeoinformatics-based management of biodiversity from landscape to species scale - An Indian perspective
000015941 260__ $$c2006
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000015941 520__ $$aTrans-scale information on biodiversity is fast becoming the critical for policy decision and action. Remote sensing systems addressing the structure and biophysical processes have the ability to achieve a seamless scalable information scheme. Necessity of down-scaling the coarse scale database to implementation scale is quite high under current circumstances, as practical schemes/ measures to reverse the erosion of biodiversity are needed. The nesting of information required should address the landscape heterogeneity and stakeholder coflicts arising out of socio-economic dimensions. Species level distributions can be predicted based on genetic algorithm-oriented fundamental niche mapping, enabling prioritization of areas for monitoring and conservation. Geoinformatics rendering of diversity on the principles of landscape ecology, integrated with spatialized anthropogenic demand patterns can be a potential interface to resolve conflicts in stake management.
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