Reconstructing Haiti (2010)

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Summary of key recommendations
  • All actors should ensure that the people of Haiti have a central role in the process of reconstruction and that reconstruction is equitable.
  • Those delivering assistance on the ground should immediately work to coordinate within the UN established system and with the Haitian government.
  • The UN and the US government are trying to ensure that there is adequate fuel to support the relief effort. Fuel supply will remain a concern for humanitarian agencies in the near term. In consultation with NGOs, the UN should establish a system to determine who receives fuel, for what purposes and in what priority.
  • The Haitian government, UN and international military actors must work together to improve the security situation, pre-ems reconstruction and development with complete debt forgiveness, aid in the form of grants not loans and a "pro-poor" approach that prioritises livelihoods and sustainable development led by Haitians from the start.
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Imprint: Oxfam International Briefing Paper, January 2010: 2010
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