Above-ground carbon stock assessment in different forest types of Nepal (2010)

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This study assessed the above-ground carbon stock in the five major forest types, representing two physiographic regions and four districts of Nepal. Altogether, 116 circular sample plots were laid out systematically in different forests types to inventory the forest. Total above-ground biomass was derived with allometric equations. Results indicated variation in age of the stand (18-75 years), above-ground carbon stock per hectare (34.30- 97.86 dry wt. ton ha-1) and rate of carbon sequestration (1.30-3.21 t ha-1yr-1), according to different forest types. The rate of carbon sequestration by different forest types depended on the growing nature of the forest stands. Tropical riverine and Alnus nepalensis forest types demonstrated the highest carbon sequestration rates in Nepal.
Year: 2010
Language: English
In: Banko Janakari, Vol. 19, No.2 2009 pp.10-14: http://www.nepjol.info/index.php/BANKO/article/view/2979/2592,



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