Organic Farming: Enhancing Environmental Services from Farmland in Austria (2010)

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In Austria organic farming boomed since the early nineties with over 70% of organic farms located in mountain regions.  Organic farms comply with the EU regulation for production, labelling and inspection.  Production is monitored by independent control agencies. The label ‘from organic production’ supports marketing and promotion of organic goods.
The support for organic farming under the Agri-Environmental Programme is a core element of the PES program in Austria.  In 2008, the compensation averaged 240 Euros/hectare or 4.640 Euro per organic farm with a total of 88.5 million Euros (17% of the AEP). The lesson learnt is that organic farming can work as a PES but requires a certification process, auditing and creating demand for premium-priced organic products. Govt. Subsidies like AEP may be needed to compensate for these additional risks and tasks. This example shows that organic farming in mountain regions can be a basis for sustainable mountain development with adequate government support and controlling and marketing measures in place.
Year: 2010
Language: English
In: Mountain Forum Bulletin, Volume X, Issue 1, Janaury, 2010,



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