The Rhön Biosphere Reserve: Developing New Marketing Strategies to Conserve a Traditional Agricultural Landscape (2010)

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Farmers in the Rhone Biosphere Reserve (BR) in Germany receive payments between 150-200Euro/ha/year for conserving land grazed by sheep and cattle and thereby achieve environmental and nature conservation objectives.
Farmers converting to organic production get additional payments of about 250 Euros/ha/year for a transitional period. Farmers in hill and mountain areas can receive support via  ‘ Less Favoured Area’ payments under the EU RDR. Key success factors are :
  • a long term commitment by government
  •  continuity of the governance structures
  • Institutional coordination between Bundeslander (federal states) as the Rhone BR spans several  administrative boundaries
  • successful combination of top down (institutional) and bottom-up (participation) approaches;
  • a strong BR identity
This is a good example of co-investment.
Year: 2010
Language: English
In: Mountain Forum Bulletin, Volume X, Issue 1, Janaury, 2010,



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