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000014520 260__ $$bOxfam Humanitarian Policy Notes: http://www.oxfam.org.uk/resources/policy/conflict_disasters/downloads/oi_hum_policy_disaster_risk_reduction.pdf
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000014520 520__ $$aThis paper sets out Oxfam International's position on disaster risk reduction.<br /><br />Disasters are increasing in both their  frequency and ferocity. Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) is essential if  lives are not to be lost unnecessarily and developmental gains are to be  secured.<br /><br />The international community has recognised the  importance of reducing disaster risk, and moving away from relying  solely on current disaster response mechanisms, yet there has so far  been a failure to systematically integrate DRR into humanitarian and  development policies, plans and programmes.<br /><br />Key recommendations  from this paper:<br /><br />
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<li>DRR programmes should be based on  thorough analysis and understanding of the vulnerabilities of people  living in disaster prone areas</li>
<li>Communities should be supported  to asses the risks they face, and their capacities to deal with them,  leading to a community driven agenda for change</li>
<li>Governments must  address the underlying factors leading to vulnerability, in addition to  meeting their citizens'; needs in emergencies</li>
<li>Governments  should take steps to actively implement the Hyogo Framework for Action</li>
<li>Donors  should make available new funding for DRR, which bridges the gap  between development and relief work</li>
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000014520 691__ $$aDisater preparedness
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