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000014519 245__ $$aPractical approaches on community based disaster management planning: Mainstreaming livelihood centred approaches to disaster risk reduction
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000014519 260__ $$bPractical Action, Nepal: Working paper no 1/DRRCC/IR/PA/NEP October, 2009
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000014519 520__ $$aMany countries and communities are vulnerable to natural disasters related to their location and geophysical context; while the risk of technological disasters exists everywhere. Disaster risk reduction is one of the great challenges of development. Disaster risks can be minimised and losses substantially reduced by enabling local bodies such as Unions, VDCs and Municipalities to undertake planned interventions. Advance planning and the implementation of appropriate mitigation (development) strategies can significantly reduce the drudgery and cost of rescue, relief, resettlement and reconstruction. Community based disaster management plans integrated with development plans can initiate locally appropriate disaster risk reduction strategies and development activities. Community participation in the development and implementation of these plans ensures ownership which contributes to their sustainability.
This paper describes a practical approach to disaster management based on practical field experiences gained while preparing community based integrated disaster management plans for 59 village development committees (VDCs) in Chitwan and Nawalparasi districts. The District Development Committees (DDCs), which are secretariats to their respective District Disaster Management Committees, have the mandatory role of controlling all development activities in their Districts. Both the DDCs have assessed the vulnerabilities of their constituent VDCs and Municipalities, and classified them into four categories (highly vulnerable, vulnerable, moderately vulnerable and less vulnerable). With financial and technical support from Practical Action Nepal, its local partners and other stakeholders and allies, the DDCs have prepared disaster management plans for the most vulnerable and vulnerable VDCs and Municipalities.
Further information regarding the process can be obtained from Practical Action Nepal, DDC Chitwan and Nawalparasi and NGOs involved in this process at the addresses provided at the end of this paper.<br />
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