Best practices in environmental information management in Africa: The Uganda case study (2009)

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This report provides a snapshot of both the successes achieved and challenges faced in managing environmental data and information in Uganda, providing some relevant recommendations. The report firstly states that the data collection and information management infrastructure in the country is still very weak. It also notes that networking and coordination mechanisms between data producers and users could be better systematised at all levels.

Concerning data, the report points that lack of data and inconsistent collection of it on key natural resources and their processes leads to information gaps. This, in turn, renders it difficult to make accurate predictions. Similarly, one of the challenges facing the environment information network (EIN) is the lack of visibility. Therefore the report finds that a key focus of the EIN should be to develop and implement an outreach strategy that would have a two-pronged effect:
  • improve network visibility and knowledge of its products and services;
  • enhance awareness on environmental issues and show how the network products can aid decision-making, education or other purposes.
Moreover, the report underscores that networking should also actively include working with other programmes in the same arena, so as to reduce duplication, and enhance effectiveness through synergies. In addition, the report concludes with some recommendations:
  • developing an appropriate set of rules or subsidiary legislation that specifically governs environment information;
  • applying more innovative approach to the production and dissemination of public information;
  • strengthening the entire information management life-cycle;
  • integrating EIN actively into the normal work of the District Environment Officer (DEOs);
  • addressing the issue of sustainability, which is critical to the success of any programme, and developing a strategy for the future.
Language: English
Imprint: Joint publication of UNEP/GRID-Arendal and NEMA Uganda with support from UNEP: 2009
Series: Report,