E-net energy network 1/2009 (2009)

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e-net is a magazine for the dissemination of information on decentralised and renewable energy technologies, implemented using a community based approach.  This edition features:
   - Eco-friendly and sustainable transport in Auroville, India;
   - Liquid biofuel for transportation in Sri Lanka;
   - SAARC Regional Training Workshop on biofuels;
   - Gravity goods ropeways changing lives of hill communities in Nepal;
   - Travelling across mountains on biodiesel;
   - Waste plastic mixed bitumen for roads: Reducing energy use and improving road quality;
   - Energy and road transport in Pakistan: Situation, issues and options.
Language: English
Imprint: e-net website: www.sa-energy.net - magazine at http://sa-energy.net/m/eversion.pdf 2009
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