Vietnam: School Education Quality Assuarance Project - policy framework for ethnic minority development (2009)

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The School Education Quality Assuarance Project (SEQAP) will aim to improve and decrease inequity in learning outcomes, by supporting the Government’s transition to Full Day Schooling (FDS), overall and for disadvantaged groups. The proposed outcome indicators include: (i) increase the percentage of primary students reaching the “independent learner” stage and/or performing at level 4 or more in the reading and math skills scale; (ii) decrease percentage of primary students with low levels of reading and math skills (levels 1 and 2), with particular emphasis on poor, rural, and other disadvantaged groups; (iii) achieve universal primary completion; and (iv) increase secondary school enrollment, particularly for the most disadvantaged socio-economic groups.

The project consists of four components: 1) Improved Policy Framework for Transition to FDS: Aiming at completing the requirements for the application of FDS in 2009 - 2015, while developing the policy framework for improved FDS model in the 2015 - 2025 period; 2) Improved Human Resources for Transition to FDS: Aiming at training and undertaking professional development of teachers, school leaders and education managers to successfully move to FDS, with focus on teaching methods, teacher standards and school management and supervision -in project beneficiary provinces, districts and schools; 3) Improved Physical and Other Recurrent Resources for Transition to FDS: Aiming at upgrading infrastructure and facilities, provide teaching materials and support other recurrent expenditures to successfully move to FDS in project beneficiary provinces, districts and schools; and 4) Program Management: Aiming at supporting the management, monitoring and evaluation of SEQAP to ensure smooth implementation and results on the ground.

The proposed project will cover up to 32 provinces and project activities in at least 20 provinces will involve ethnic minority communities.
Language: English
Imprint: World Bank IPP3360 2009
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