Mapping and morphometric analysis of glaciers in Jotunheimen, South Norway, during the ?Little Ice Age? maximum (2009)

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This study provides mapping and analysis of the maximum glacier extent during the "Little Ice Age" in Jotunheimen, Southern Norway, on a regional scale. Remote sensing techniques were used to map the glacier area at the maximum of the "Little Ice Age" (mid 18th century AD). For validation of the mapping, interpretation of existing glaciochronological studies, analysis of geomorphological maps and our own field measurements using GPS have been applied. The flow length of the glaciers and other inventory data were determined by using a Geographical Information System and a digital elevation model. A total of 233 glaciers existed during the "Little Ice Age" maximum in Jotunheimen, comprising an overall glacier area of about 290 km2. Mean glacier flow length was calculated as about 1.6 km. Until AD 2003, the area shrank by about 35% and the mean flow length decreased by about 34%, compared with the maximum "Little Ice Age" extent.
Language: English
Imprint: The Cryosphere Discuss., Issue 3, 351?381: 2009
Series: Discussion paper,