Climate change and its impacts on glaciers and water resource management in the Himalayan region (2009)

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Climate change is currently taking place at an unprecedented rate and will have potentially profound and widespread effects on the availability of and access to water resources. The mean global temperature rose by 0.74 °C over the past century. The rate of warming in the Himalayan region has been even greater than global average.

The greater Himalayan region sustains about 150 million people. Glacial melt provides important contributions to river flow. The region is highly vulnerable with respect to climate chance. The report describes the impact of climate change on glaciers and consequently on water resources of the region.
Language: English
Imprint: In Assessment of Snow, Glacier and Water Resources in Asia, IHP/HWRP-BERICHTE, Heft 8, Koblenz 2009, selected papers from the workshop in Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2006:,templateId=raw,property=publicationFile.pdf/ihp_h8_2009.pdf<br /> 2009
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