List of abstracts of articles in the MF Bulletin, January 2010 issue (2009)

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The 2010 Janauray edition of Mountain FOrum Bulletin mainly focuses on the articles' based on Payment of Environmental Services in Mountain Areas of different parts of the world. The bulletin contains total thirty two case articles and consists of activities done on PES in different environmental resources such as agriculture, water,carbon, biodiversity, ecotoursim and forest.

The list of articles included in the Bulletin are:

1. Paying for Environmental Services: Using the Contingent Valuation Method to Estimate Willingness to Pay for Conservation in the Sho’llet    Forest, Peru
2. A Case of Voluntary Collection for Environmental Services, Zapalinamé, Mexico
3. Conservation of water sources in Moyobamba: A brief review of the first experience in payments for ecosystem services
4. Valuing Watersheds in Rural Landscapes: A Case Study from Nepal
5. Payment for Forest Environmental Services: A Pilot Government Policy in the Dong Nai River Basin, Vietnam
6. Protecting Environmental Services in Vittel, France: A Business Opportunity for the Private Sector
7. Payments for the protection of watershed services: A potential  tool for improving protection of “paper parks” in Latin America?
8. Complementary Environmental Service Reward Programmes for Sustainable Mosaic Landscapes in the Sierra Madre de Chiapas, Mexico
9. Using water funds to finance watershed conservation in the Andes and Costa Rica
10.Local governmental-led PES for watershed protection: Cases from the Philippines
11.The Cloud Forests of Quillosara: A Local Government Initiative to Establish a Compensation Mechanism for Environmental Services in Ecuador
12.Using Payments for Environmental Services to improve conservation  in a Tunisian Watershed
13.Payment for Environmental Services for Sustainable Water Management in Loktak Lake, Manipur
14.Compensation for Hydrological Services in Bolivia: The Comarapa Municipal Water Fund
15.Using Waste Land for Afforestation: Assessing the Results of the First Registered CDM Forestry Project
16.Delivering Environmental Services in Landscapes: Lessons Learned from Experience with PES  through IUCN’s Livelihoods and Landscapes Strategy
17.Introduction to the SARD-M Project: An Initiative of FAO, Rome, for Remuneration of Positive Externalities in Mountain Regions
18.Organic Farming: Enhancing Environmental Services from Farmland in Austria
19.Using a Biogas Scheme to Control Soil Erosion on Sloping Lands, North Vietnam
20.Can Payments support Environmental Services from Farmland?
21.Honeybees as Providers of Pollination Services
22.Snow Leopards and ‘Himalayan Homestays’: Catalysts for Community-Based Conservation in Mountain Areas
23.The Voluntary Gopher Tortoise Habitat Credit Trading System
24.Rewards for Environmental services and collective land tenure: Lessons from Ecuador and Indonesia
25.Valuing Environmental Services for Recreation in the Margalla Hills National Park, Islamabad
26.Tourism and Payments for Environmental Services: The Outlook for a Stronger Business Case to Develop Rural Tourism in Bhutan
27.From Poachers to Park Wardens: Revenue sharing scheme as an incentive for environmental protection in Rwanda
28.The Rhön Biosphere Reserve: Developing New Financing Options to Conserve a Traditional Agricultural Landscape
29.Khasi Community Landscape Restoration and Conservation Project: Mawhplang Lyngdohship, Meghalaya
30.Payments for Carbon Sequestration in the Philippines: Lessons and Implications
31.Can Nepal Benefit from Forest Carbon Financing : An assessment of opportunities, challenges and possible action
32.Valuing the Services provided by forest and agro ecosystems in the Central Himalaya, India
Language: English
Mountain Forum, 2009.

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