Searching realities behind mountain culture and sacred mountains themes (2009)

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The base of the knowledge of mountains lies in the deep understanding of their power related to sacred and various dimensions of sacred themes. This can be understood by the synthesis of philosophies of ecology, religion and knowledge of indigenous cultural practices. The knowledge behind the cultures and traditions of mountain people and societies can help build trustworthy knowledge systems for sustaining the mountain environment, their unique nature and special geography, and what harbours a diversified mix of human and natural entities all over the planet. The synthesis of different knowledge systems highlights the importance of the existence of the unique and special geography in our planet and it will further shape a new domain of knowledge to help conservation and development in such regions.

Without understanding the basic knowledge systems behind the secret of nature, the notions of conservation and development and practices remain incomplete, even disastrous in extreme cases of the exploitation of nature by anthropocentric activities. Various emergent “green” forms of global and regional development are compared and contrasted in terms of a concept of sustainability that includes ecological, economic and equity considerations. This understanding can be made possible only through a comprehensive knowledge of philosophical domains e.g. ecosophy (the philosophy of nature, the ecological wisdom) deep ecology, religious philosophies, cultural philosophies and socio-ecological knowledge systems. 
This document analyses the writings of several authors on knowledge systems and mountains.
Year: 2009
Language: English
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