Planning for water-wise development in the Sierra: A water and land use policy guide (2008)

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Planning for Water-Wise Development in the Sierra provides local conservation groups, local government and the public useful information about the connection between development and water – water quality, water supplies and the health of the Sierra’s watersheds. This guide presents planning strategies that promote development patterns and practices better aligned with water protection goals. It does not address every aspect of water management or land use planning, but instead focuses on land use decisions made by city and county governments and encourages involvement from water managers and integration with local water management efforts. Most of the suggested strategies can be implemented at the local level to help communities protect water resources as they grow. This guidebook is organised into six chapters:
  • Chapter 1 provides an overview of the current state of Sierra waters.
  • Chapter 2 focuses on strategies to preserve and restore natural infrastructure, such as wetlands, rivers and riparian areas.
  • Chapter 3 reviews how to protect water resources while accommodating growth through thoughtful community planning and design.
  • Chapter 4 suggests design strategies to reduce runoff and encourage more efficient use of water supplies.
  • Chapter 5 offers solutions to some of the principal challenges of water and wastewater management in the region and examines practical ideas for improving coordination between land use planning and water and wastewater agencies, water conservation and efficiency programmes and integrated wastewater management.
Language: English
Imprint: Sierra Nevada Alliance, California, USA: 2008
Series: Policy,