Talking the walk: A communication manual for partnership practitioners - Communication for better partnerships (2008)

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Cross-sector partnerships are by their nature challenging, requiring collaboration between players from diverse organisations that may have quite different priorities, values and ways of working. This manual provides guidelines on the use of communication to build and maintain effective partnerships. It looks in detail at the realities of communicating in partnership, including narratives and examples or “Practitioner Tips”.Topics look at: - the communication challenge of partnering - intentions, assumptions and inclusion - communicating within and beyond the partnership - conversation as an essential building block - the use of words and images - how to plan, implement and evaluate communication The remaining chapters provide tools which can be used or adapted for individual purposes, think pieces written by the manual's contributors, and communication stories and case studies reflecting the experience of a range of practitioners in the field.
Language: English
The Oil, Gas and Mining Sustainable Community Development Fund (CommDev), 2008.

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