Non-coaxial heterogeneous deformation in the Num orthogneiss (Arun valley, Mt. Makalu area, eastern Nepal) (2008)

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In the Arun and Barun valleys the upper portion of the Lesser Himalayan section is made up by the Num orthogneiss. It is a 3-4 km thick unit of granitic augen gneiss with bands of kyaniteflogopite schists (Lombardo et al. 1993). It records a noncoaxial deformation related to its involvement within the Main Central Thrust zone that produced an heterogeneous mylonitic deformation with rotated feldspar porphyroclasts, bookshelf structures and localized shear bands with a prominent top-to-the SW sense of shear. The base of the Num orthogneiss is the Main Central Thrust I.
Language: English
Imprint: Extended abstracts: 23rd Himalayan-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop, 2008, India. Himalayan Journal of Sciences Vol.5(7) (Special Issue) 2008 p.34: 2008
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