The global gender gap report 2008 (2008)

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The Global Gender Gap Report 2008 produced by the World Economic Forum utilises four indicators – economic participation and opportunity, education attainment, health and survival and political empowerment – for ranking the countries’ performance in term of gender equality.  It also shows improvement or regression in the last three years. 

Unfortunately, besides China, countries in Asia are not performing well: 
  • China is ranked 57 on 130 countries- ranked 73 in 2007
  • Bangladesh is ranked 90th position – ranked 100 in 2007
  • India is positioned 113th – ranked 114 in 2007
  • Nepal is 120th – ranked 125 in 2007
  • And Pakistan is 127th (on 130th!)  - ranked 126 last year and 112 in 2006
(Afghanistan, Bhutan and Myanmar are not in the ranking).
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Imprint: World Economic Forum, Geneva, Switzerland 2008 2008
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