"Stocktaking" exercise of Sustainable Mountain Development stakeholders in Africa (2008)

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Within the framework of the collaboration between the Mountain Partnership and the Mountain Forum a stocktaking exercise has been carried out in the period 2007- 2008 by the African Mountain Forum (AMF) and the Mountain Forum Secretariat (MFS). This report gives the background for the exercise; it outlines the process and activities undertaken and specifies the results. During the breakaway session of the Mountain Partnership Second Global Meeting (Peru, Oct 2004), members of the East Africa Initiative met and identified priority areas that needed urgent action. The highest priority was to undertake an inventory to establish who is who and what has been done with regard to mountain issues so that all subsequent work is based on this information. Due to several reasons such as lack of funding and restructuring of the AMF, the effort could not be undertaken directly but was taken into the tasks to be implemented under the umbrella of the LoA for the support of the Mountain Partnership by the Mountain Forum.
Language: English
Imprint: Mountain Forum 2008
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