Mountain Forum Bulletin: Climate change in mountains: Impact and adaptation (2008)

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The Mountain Forum Bulletin focuses on the theme of climate change in mountains and adaptation to climate change. (Individual articles are also available separately):
  • Intangible Ecologies: Sacred Mountain Landscapes in a Changing Climate by Jonah Steinberg
  • Resources Conflicts in Mountains: Sources and Solutions by Carmen de Jong
  • Uncertainties in Climate Change Impacts Versus Certainties in Winter Tourism Adaptation Strategies by Guillaume Prudent, Emmanuelle Marcel-Poil and Vincent Boudières
  • After the « White » Gold Rush: European Ski Resorts in Search of Activities for Winters Without Snow by Christoph Maier
  • The Impacts of Climate Change on the Alpine Biota and Initial Management Adaptations in the Australian Alps by Roger Good
  • When Climate Change Breaks Down Traditional Laws in Mountain Areas: Case Study for the Gabel Elba Protected Area in Egypt on the Effect of Climatic Change on the Endangered Dracaena ombet Tree by Usama Ghazali
  • Anthesis of Philippine teak - Mass Flowering Episode Triggered by Climate Change? Species Response Under Climatic Uncertainty by Anacleto M. Caringal
  • Local Management of Indigenous Mountain Rice and Fodder Tree: Short Notes on the Lowest Practice of Climate Change Mitigation by Leo D. Cueto and Anacleto M. Caringal
  • Historical Changes of the Upper Tree Line in the Carpathian Mountains (Ukraine) by Vladimir Kricsfalusy, Wojtek Mróz and Sergey Popov
  • The Climate Change and its Impacts in Peru - Processes of Adaptation in the Rural Areas by Cesar Portocarrero
  • Local and Indigenous Practices on Adaptation: An Experience From Herder's Life of Western Bhutan by Nakul Chettri
  • Food Security Amidst Climate Change in Nepal by Dinanath Bhandari
  • Integrated Conservation and Development Program (ICDP) Could be a Coping Strategy to Impacts of Climate Change in Mountain Regions by Gehendra Bahadur Gurung
  • Is Climate Change an Opportunity or Threat in the Mountains: An evaluation of the Central Andes of Peru by Luis Suarez
  • Climate Change in the Western Ghat Mountains: Impact and Adaptation by S P Anandan
  • Potential Impacts of Climate Change in the Uttarakhand Himalayas by Prakash Rao, G.Areendran and Rajneesh Sareen
  • Utah's Wasatch Mountain Range and Climate Change Adaptation: A Story of Mountain Driven Culture, Environmental Focus, Preservation Best-Practices and Balanced Use of Mountain Resources by Gian Zini
  • Book review: Mountains Witnesses of Global Changes: Research in the Himalaya and Karakorum: SHARE-Asia Project edited by R. Baudo, G. Tartari, E. Vuillermoz
  • Book review: Mountains Witnesses of Global Changes: Research in the Himalaya and Karakorum edited by R. Baudo, G. Tartari, E. Vuillermoz
  • Children's Movement for Mountain Environment Conservation - Adventure Foundation Pakistan
  • Moving medical camp helps over 1000 people - Mountain Fund
  • A Potential Source of Conflict in the Alps: Use of Water for Artificial Snow Production - Mountain Wilderness
  • Mountain Academy Nepal by Dorjee Lama
  • Balkans Pace Park project in running for top tourism award - Balkans Peace Park Project (BPPP)
  • Livelihoods and Conservation of Medicinal Plants: Will it Work in Mountains? - Applied Environmental Research Foundation (AERF)
  • Save Your Future Association (SYFA): TBI- Summer Environmental Exchange (SEE) 2007 by Farmer Tantoh
  • Geo-referenced biological databases- a new mountain biodiversity tool GMBA
  • Devising adaptation to climate change: Biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods at Lake Fúquene, Colombia - German Andrade and Lorena Franco
  • Andean Solar Villages - Project Note - Yolanda Ortiz
  • Promotion of Environmental Awareness among Children and People - Global Mass Community Welfare Organization
  • Mitigation of Climate Change in the Western Himalayas - Pragya
  • IUCN-Med Workshop, December 2007 - Mediterranean Mountains in a Changing World - IUCN
  • Partnerships in action in the HKKH Region - HKKH Partnership
Language: English
Imprint: Mountain Forum Bulletin Vol VIIIIssue 1 January 2008 2008
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