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000013727 245__ $$aMountain Research Initiative Newsletter No. 1
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000013727 260__ $$bMountain Research Initiative Newsletter no.1, September 2008 http://mri.scnatweb.ch/index.php?option=com_docman&task=cat_view&gid=111&Itemid=43
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000013727 520__ $$aThis newsletter contains 56 pages of global change science from mountain regions around the world, news from MRI's regional networks, meeting reports, interview and book review. 
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    <li>MRI Interview: ACQWA: Assessing the Future of Water Resources in Vulnerable Mountain Regions;</li>
    <li>Science Peaks: A High Altitude Interdisciplinary Field Campaign - The Storm Peak Aerosol and Cloud Characterization Study (SPACCS08);</li>
    <li>Science Peaks: A new Peruvian-Swiss Program on Climate Change Adaptation: Advancing towards Integrated Climate Change Research, Implementation and Science-Policy Dialogue;</li>
    <li>Science Peaks: The Cordillera Forest Dynamics Network (CORFOR);</li>
    <li>Science Peaks: Ongoing and Future Vegetation Changes in the Western Swiss Alps;</li>
    <li>Science Peaks: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development in the Ukrainian Carpathians;</li>
    <li>Science Peaks: International Research Collaboration for the Development of Flow Forecasting Tools for the Upper Indus Basin in Pakistan;</li>
    <li>Science Peaks: Colorado&rsquo;s Roaring Fork River: Incorporating Climate Change Projections into Watershed Management;</li>
    <li>Science Peaks: The Hydrological Atlas of Switzerland &ndash; Knowledge for Sustainability in the Alps;</li>
    <li>News from MRI's regional networks in Africa, the Americas, and Europe;</li>
    <li>Partner Organizations: the Global Land Project;</li>
    <li>Meeting Reports: The Water Towers of the World at the 5th World Water Forum Istanbul 2009;</li>
    <li>Meeting Reports: Mountain Hydrology under Increasing Climate Variability and Anthropogenic Pressure;</li>
    <li>MRI Notes: Introducing a New High Elevation Research Facility in the Southern Appalachian Mountains at Appalachian State University, Boone, NC USA;</li>
    <li>MRI Notes: From 'Bergler' to Greenkeeper. Structural Changes in Andermatt, Switzerland. </li>
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000013727 691__ $$aNatural resource management
000013727 691__ $$aWater management
000013727 691__ $$aBiodiversity
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