The Continuum Project: Evaluation of approaches for designing and implementing ecological networks in the Alps (2008)

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The Ecological Continuum Project was started in June 2007 by ALPARC (Alpine Network of Protected Areas), CIPRA (International Commission for the Protection of the Alps), ISCAR (International Scientific Committee Alpine Research) and the European Alpine Programme of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) with the aim of maintaining or restoring ecological connectivity between important areas for nature conservation in the Alps. The project is financed by the Swiss MAVA Foundation for Nature.

During a pre-project (2007-2008) the Ecological Continuum Project compiles some basic information for following project for establishing ecological networks in the Alps, mainly to harmonise terminology, including a common definition of the “ecological continuum” to be submitted to the alpine states and the EU;
  • to evaluate and assess existing approaches in view of their application in the Alps;
  • to identify the most important, appropriate and promising pilot regions;
  • to define a catalogue of measures for the implementation of an ecological network;
  • to develop a strategy for the involvement of authorities and stakeholders;
  • to develop a coherent communication campaign;
  • to finalise a proposal for a main-project to be submitted to the MAVA Foundation.
Language: English
Imprint: Assessment Report, Alpine Ecological Network: 2008
Series: Report,