Market-based instruments for peatland restoration in Central and Eastern Europe in the view of climate change (2008)

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Over forty peatland scientists, representatives from environmental authorities, conservation NGOs and foundations, peat mining industry, companies in the business of sourcing, developing and trading emission reduction credits, and other experts from Belarus, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Germany, United Kingdom, The Netherlands and France met at the workshop on the Isle of Vilm to discuss opportunities for peatland restoration that have recently arisen in climate policy. The results of the meeting are presented at a reception in Berlin with representatives from the German Environment Ministry, the Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, embassies, prominent conservationists and media. The contribution of Central and Eastern European degraded peatlands to GHG emissions is substantial. Peatlands are the most space-effective carbon stocks of all terrestrial ecosystems. Degradation leads to massive GHG emissions.
Language: English
Imprint: Workshop results, Federal Agency for Nature Conservation, International Academy for Nature Conseration Isle of Vilm, 13 – 17 November 2008 2008
Series: Workshop proceedings,