On some desmids from Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Nepal (2008)

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The present work enumerates a total 26 desmids (Chlorophyta) from ponds and reservoirs in and around Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, Nepal. They belong to 8 genera i.e. Closterium (4), Euastrum (4), Micrasterias (3), Cosmarium (7), Staurastrum (3), Onychonema (2), Hyalotheca (1), and Desmidium (2). Of these, 11 taxa are new records for Nepal. Genus Onychonema is described here for the first time from Nepal.
Year: 2008
Language: English
In: Ecoprint: An International Journal of Ecology, Vol 15, 47-58, 2008: http://nepjol.info/index.php/ECO/article/view/1942/1798,



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