id21 Natural resources highlights 7: Agriculture (2008)

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id21 Natural Resources Highlights provide research findings for development policymakers and practitioners. This edition on agriculture include the following articles:
  • Why do rice farmers in Bangladesh ignore recommendations on pesticide use? - Pesticide use by rice farmers in Bangladesh is low compared with many Asian countries. However, it is increasing and becoming excessive in some places. Why do some farmers overuse pesticides, despite their cost and well-known negative impacts?
  • Exchanging seeds and conserving biodiversity in Mexico - Getting secure access to seeds of the right variety and quality is an important issue for farmers and is central to achieving food security. How do farmers in Mexico ensure access to the right seeds?
  • Could agriculture help to prevent further climate change? - There is growing evidence that greenhouse gas emissions from human activity contribute to climate change. Many people blame modern farming practices for accelerating this - agriculture produces between 16.8 and 32.2 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. But could agriculture also hold some solutions to climate change?
  • The impacts of improved accessibility on livestock management in Pakistan - The northern region of Pakistan has seen rapid infrastructure development in recent years. In particular, the construction of the Karakoram Highway has created a major transport link through the region. What impact have these improved communications had on livestock management systems?
  • Shaping scientific excellence in agricultural research - Science and technology are central to development in Africa. But scientific solutions to development problems are not always appropriate to the places where the problems arise. How can scientists be supported to develop appropriate, innovative and sustainable solutions to problems?
Year: 2008
Language: English
In: id21 Natural resources highlights 7: Agriculture November 2008, id21, Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex, Brighton,UK © Institute of Development Studies 2008 (,



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