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000013232 260__ $$bUnasylva, FAO, Vol 58, 2007/4: ftp://ftp.fao.org/docrep/fao/010/a1598e/a1598e00.pdf<br />
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000013232 520__ $$aWater-related problems are an increasingly important challenge to sustainable development, and&nbsp;the availability and quality of water are strongly influenced by forests. In this issue of FAO's Unasylva,&nbsp;a collection of articles&nbsp;explore the complex interaction between water and forests in&nbsp;a range of&nbsp;contexts, and&nbsp;discuss the challenges for policy that arise from&nbsp;this.
The issue begins with ann introductory chapter, which&nbsp;appraises the state of knowledge of forest and water interactions and related policy issues. The authors emphasise the need to narrow the gap between research and policy-making and the importance of policy linkages between the forest and water sectors.&nbsp;
In the remaining chapters, a range of authors discuss related issues and present&nbsp;case studies from&nbsp;rural and urban&nbsp;contexts in Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Titles are:
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    <li>Filtering of water pollutants by riparian vegetation: bamboo versus native grasses and rice in a Lao catchment;</li>
    <li>Practical hydrological protection for tropical forests: the Malaysian experience;&nbsp;</li>
    <li>FAO field projects in watershed management &ndash; some examples; </li>
    <li>Forests, trees and water in arid lands: a delicate balance; </li>
    <li>Policy proposals for integrating forest, water and people in the Tigris and Euphrates watershed;</li>
    <li>Forests of Mount Kulal, Kenya: source of water and support to local livelihoods; </li>
    <li>The impact of water shortage on forest resources &ndash; the case of Uganda;</li>
    <li>Managing forests for cleaner water for urban populations;</li>
    <li>Forest legacies, climate change, altered disturbance regimes, invasive species and water;</li>
    <li>Can the effects of El Ni&ntilde;o be mitigated through a system of payments for environmental services? A study of the Piura River watershed, Peru;</li>
    <li>Five years after Shiga: recent developments in forest and water policy and implementation; </li>
    <li>Water, forests and the World Water Development Report.</li>
By presenting this range of experiences, the issue aims to contribute towards the exchange of expertise between foresters and water management specialists, as well as to the dissemination of&nbsp;applied research&nbsp;to policy-makers.
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