Renewable natural resources management for mountain communities (2007)

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Although a lot of research has been conducted on land degradation in mountain environments, especially in the Himalayas, there is still much confusion and uncertainty regarding the topic.  This has led to broad generalisations and inaccurate statements. Some of the confusion has arisen as a result of attempts to provide general conclusions from narrowly specific and small-scale research projects, but most derives from poor linkages between the researchers and practitioners - the people who inhabit and manage the land.  This publication and "Resource Constraint and Management Options in Mountain Watersheds of the Himalayas", also published by ICIMOD make a contribution to improving the situation.
Language: English
Imprint: Reviewed: M. Stocking, H. Helleman, R. White. Kathmandu, Nepal. ICIMOD. 2005. In Mountain Research and Development, Vol 27, No 2, May 2007: 191: 2007
Series: Book review,