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000013059 245__ $$aEmpowerment through technology: Gender dimensions of social capital build-up in Maharashtra, India
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000013059 260__ $$bCAPRi Working Paper, February 2007 http://dlc.dlib.indiana.edu/archive/00002148/00/capriwp63.pdf
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000013059 520__ $$aThis paper explores how and to what extent women and men have benefited from the build-up of social capital in technology uptake, and the role of women in this process. Using a case study on Groundnut Production Technology (GPT) in Maharashtra, India, a systematic documentation of the process by which farmers and as well as the whole community became empowered through the build-up of social capital. The focus of the paper is on collective action as a mechanism to stimulate gender equitable change processes.
The paper concludes that social networks played a crucial mediating role in the process of technology uptake. The build-up of social capital played an important role in influencing impacts from the technology because of the ways in which social networks and social relationships facilitated technology dissemination. Gender relations played a significant role in mediating the translation of economic benefits into well being of the individual, the family and community. Finally, it is suggested that further insights into the role of social networks and power relations in the village may be examined in greater detail by establishing the village network architecture, especially marginalized groups.<br />
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