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While the Goatkeepers? Animal Health Care Manual is primarily intended for use by resource-poor goatkeepers living in the south-western region of KwaZulu-Natal Province, South Africa it will also be useful in other similar agro-ecological areas of southern Africa. The manual has been designed for on-farm use by farmers as a guide to maintain herd health, to detect early signs of ill-health and for immediate reference when the more common diseases or conditions occur in their stock, and also as a useful tool for extension workers as they interact and meet with farmers. The diseases and conditions covered in this manual were identified as the most common and important through discussions with representatives of resource-poor goat farming communities and government extension staff working in KwaZulu-Natal Province.
Language: English
Published by Onderstepoort Veterinary Institute with KwaZulu-Natal Department of Agriculture and Environmental Affairs., 2007.

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