Melting mountains: A focus on the European Alps and beyond (2007)

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The notion of ?Melting Mountains? is very appropriate as a metaphor for mountain regions since it may concern water in both its solid and liquid state and links these to current trends in climate and man-induced global change. In this statement, ?melting? can also be considered as a metaphor for ?loss? in the sense of melting, sublimation or evaporation of snow, ice, glaciers and permafrost. The melting, sublimation and evaporation of natural snow and ice is apparent and includes the decay of glaciers, snow, firn or permafrost. Current climate change scenarios indicate the rapid acceleration of glacier retreat, which will initially augment river discharge but will considerably reduce discharge once a minimum threshold in glacier volume is attained. Mountain Forum Bulletin 'Melting Mountains' July 2007
Year: 2007
Language: English
In: Mountain Forum Bulletin 'Melting Mountains' July 2007,