Bringing agriculture and health workers together (2007)

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World Neighbors' traditional focus and expertise are rooted in agricultural development. Recognising that great synergies exist between agriculture and health and looking for ways to improve our work, about ten years ago we sought to interact more with health professionals, we found that while we shared common hopes and aspirations, we often had very different ways of understanding poverty and how to help communities to address it. But we were able to come together around a common priority: good food for good health. In agricultural terms, this means food that is produced in ways that are healthy to both the farm and the farm family; in health terms, this translates into food that is nutritious and contributes to human health.In this article we offer three examples to illustrate how we have worked to strengthen interactive sustainable agriculture and community health efforts. Each of these examples emphasises the vital role of women in improving the nutritional well-being of their families, and the way communities and WN partners are working to ensure that the “linkages” of health and agriculture can be made stronger.
Year: 2007
Language: English
In: Leisa Magazine 23.3 September 2007,



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