Mountain Forum Bulletin: Sustainable tourism for poverty alleviation in mountain areas (2006)

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The focus of the Bulletin is on tourism and how it can help alleviate poverty in mountain areas:
  • Making partnerships for sustainable gorilla tourism in Mgahinga, Uganda by Moses Musinguzi
  • Periyar eco-tourism project in Kerala, India by Santhosh P Thampi
  • Traditional rural landscape or 'wilderness' in the Alps? by F Hochetl, S Lehringer and W Konold
  • Mountain greenways in Mexico by Antonio Suarez
  • Sustainable tourism in the Ecuadorian Andes by Claire Catherine Nicklin
  • Revamping tourism in the land of the Thunder Dragon - interview with Dr Martin Uitz by Bill Bierling
  • Folk tale: The legend of Lake Ohnami
  • Mountain Voices website by Panos London
  • From Kalashnikov to ice axe; From burqah to climbing helmet by Mountain Wilderness International
  • European Park Observatory - OPE by Elizabeth Fox
  • Aspen, Colorado: The canary initiative by Amy Krause
  • Connecting mountain regions for change by Jane Ross
  • Earthquake special: My home is still standing but my soul is buried in the rubble by Farooq Ahmad
Language: English
Imprint: Mountain Forum Bulletin Vol VIIssue 1 January 2006 2006
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